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Who we are

Overview of Jentayu

Jentayu Sustainables Berhad is public listed company that is now focused on becoming a leading Renewable Energy player in Malaysia.

Our key strength is in run-of-river hydropower plants. The team behind Jentayu succeeded in developing to completion Malaysia’s only major run-of-river hydropower plants, the 40MW Telekosang One and Telekosang Two plants in Tenom, Sabah.

Our next project is a similar run-of-river hydropower plant in Sipitang, Sabah called Project Oriole, which is expected to deliver 170MW of additional generation capacity to the state by 2027.

Jentayu is committed to bringing its expertise to developing clean, renewable energy, in an effort to meet Sabah’s urgent power needs.

In addition to hydropower, Jentayu is also currently involved in solar power development, healthcare, and legacy trading businesses.


Message from our Chairman

“Jentayu Sustainables Berhad is a company that is built on a solid track record of success, and driven by a commitment to delivering renewable energy solutions at the highest possible standard. We’ve succeeded in doing things that no one else has before, and we’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way. 
“Our goal for 2024 will be to apply all these lessons and tested formulas we learned in developing Telekosang Hydro, as we begin work on the 170MW Project Oriole.
“As a Sabahan myself, I am deeply committed to doing my part to ensure that the people of Sabah finally get the reliable access to clean, green power that they deserve. Our hope is to make a significant contribution towards making blackouts and brownouts in the state a thing of the past.
“Jentayu as a company has come a long way, and navigated numerous headwinds to get where we are today. Every effort has been worth it, as the company is now fully set to become the world class renewable energy player we know it can be.”
Datuk Haji Beroz Nikmal Mirdin
Executive Chairman

Our Leaders

Board of Directors

Datuk Haji Beroz Nikmal Mirdin

Executive Chairman

Baevinraj Thiagarajah

Non-Independent Executive Director

Dato’ Amiruddin Abdul Satar

Independent Non-Executive Director

Abdul Halim Jantan

Senior Independent Non-Executive Director

Pamela Kung Chin Woon

Independent Non-Executive Director

Tobias Hjalmar Mangelmann

Independent Non-Executive Director

Ahmad Shahizam Mohd Shariff

Independent Non-Executive Director

Datuk Hajah Masnah Matsalleh

Independent Non-Executive Director

Senior Management

Datuk Haji Beroz Nikmal Mirdin

Executive Chairman

Baevinraj Thiagarajah

Chief Executive Officer

Noor Erni Surya Noordin

Chief Financial Officer

Mohamad Rhiaz Mohamed Zamirdin

Chief Investment, Strategy, and Sustainability Officer

Noor Afzalinah Mohd Afzul Khan

Chief Corporate Officer

Stakeholders & Partners

Government Bodies, Regulators and Associations

Financial Institutions

Clients and Business Partners

Jentayu Sustainables Berhad is a public listed company that is completing its transition to focusing on renewable energy development. Our primary area of expertise is in run-of-river hydropower plants in Sabah, and we also work on solar and other renewable energy throughout Malaysia.

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