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Project Highlight


The replanting exercise was initiated to address the impact of the construction of the Telekosang Hydro Power Plant. Sabah Forestry Department recommends carrying out replanting works within the occupational permit areas of Kuala Tomani Forest Reserve and Sipitang Forest Reserve in Tenom, Sabah. The primary objective of the project is to restore the forest ecosystem, promote biodiversity, and mitigate the adverse effects of environmental degradation.


Kuala Tomani Forest Reserve & Sipitang Forest Reserve, Tenom Sabah

Total Area

32 hectares in its first phase

Total Trees

12,800 trees

Start Date

27th March 2023

Maintenance Period

To ensure the success of the replanting efforts, a maintenance period will be initiated, lasting for five intervals from May 15th, 2023, to May 14th, 2024. Throughout this period, the site will undergo regular monitoring, and necessary care will be provided to enhance the chances of survival and growth.

Collaboration and Partnership

Sabah Forestry Department

Megaland Sdn Bhd

Local farmers

tree has been planted!

Tree Species Information

Seraya Putih

Total Population



Total Population


Selangan Batu

Total Population



Total Population



Total Population



Total Population


Observation and Contributing Factor to Tree Mortality

Soil Structure

The soil at the planting site was found to be dense and rocky. This soil condition may have hindered the establishment of sapling roots, limiting access to water and nutrients necessary for their survival.

Drought Conditions

Throughout the planting period, the area experienced prolonged drought conditions. This resulted in water stress for the newly planted trees, especially those that were less drought−tolerant.

Top Soil Fertility

The topsoil at the site had lost its fertility due to previous road construction and slope stabilization activities. The lack of nutrient−rich topsoil could have negatively impacted the trees’ growth and development.

Species Suitability

Some of the selected tree species were not well−suited to the specific soil and climate conditions of the planting site. As a consequence, these species failed to adapt and establish themselves successfully.

Remedial Action Taken

Tree Replacement: All deceased Seraya Putih, Selangan Batu, and Laran trees were replaced with Mahogany. The decision to use Mahogany was based on its proven 100% survival rate in the same area as advised by Sabah Forestry Department.

Mitigation Measure

Soil Analysis

Conduct comprehensive soil analysis before the replanting project to better understand the soil's characteristics and identify areas that require soil improvement measures.

Species Selection

Select tree species that are native to the region and are well− adapted to the local soil and climate conditions. Based on the observation of the current exercise, Mahogany has shown excellent resilience and should be considered for future plantings.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Establish a regular monitoring system during the one− year maintenance period to detect any signs of stress or issues affecting the newly planted trees. Take prompt corrective actions to address any identified problems.