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Senior Independent Non-Executive Director

Abdul Halim Jantan

Abdul Halim Jantan, FMII and a Certified Risk Practitioner. A Malaysian citizen aged 66 and sits on various private company boards, a public listed company board and Commissioner for Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara (”SPAN”).

As a 44 year veteran in the practice of Risk Management and Risk Transfer, the art and science of developing an insurance solution has always been a passionate and enjoyable part of his life.

Prior to embarking in his enterprising journey being the Founder of Sterling Group of companies, he spent 14 years at American Malaysian Insurance Berhad (”AMI”), being the CEO in his last position.

Through the years, he has successfully established Sterling as the Premium Independent Power Plant (”IPP”) Broker in the insurance and reinsurance market and he is focussed in expanding its portfolio into specialised industry like Space, Aviation, Marine Hull and Employee Benefits continuously, by leveraging on technological advancement in Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Modelling.

Since then, he has evolved into becoming an entrepreneur with other business interest taking a third of his time, whilst he remained centrally focused in Engineering Services, Insurance Advisory and Risk Management Services. It has given him ‘across the board’ hands-on experience and the leading-edge to craft his transactional and consultancy enterprise, to forge ahead of the curve.

To provide a sustainable ecosystem and intellectual capital to deliver high-end comprehensive total solution with a competitive cost structure to selected and targeted industries.

As a pastime indulgence, he thoroughly enjoys endurance sport, hence a triathlete at heart, with swimming and cycling being his biggest passion. Truly his day is not complete without doing one or the other, six days a week. Somewhere in between, playing and walking nine holes in the golf course takes precedence occasionally.

He hopes to pass down to future generations the same love for ‘business enterprise’, that he passionately inherited from his revered predecessors.