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Chief Corporate Officer

Noor Afzalinah Mohd Afzul Khan

Noor Afzalinah Mohd Afzul Khan began her career in the Legal Aid Bureau as paralegal officer and joined Messrs. Angela Ubu & Associates in Kota Kinabalu assisting lawyers on both criminal and civil litigation. She then pursued a corporate career path in 2011 when she joined Suria Capital Holdings Berhad, a company listed in the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and the concessionaire for the ports operations in Sabah; as Legal Executive. In December 2015, Noor Afzalinah joined Qhazanah Sabah Berhad (QSB), an investment holding arm for the State of Sabah as Legal Manager where she played an important role in the corporate governance and compliance, commercial and contracts negotiation of the Group, as well as being responsible in HR matters related to disciplinary procedures, industrial relations and succession planning.

In 2018, she obtained her Certified Licensed Secretary and served as Company Secretary of QSB Group. She was then promoted to Head of Legal in 2019 and held the position of Company Secretary/Head of Legal of QSB Group. In 2021, she was then appointed as the Executive Director in WHS Sterilization Service Sdn. Bhd. (a subsidiary of QSB). Being one of the leaders in QSB Group with corporate governance knowledge and corporate law background, Noor Afzalinah was appointed as a director in QSB subsidiaries, i.e., Qhazanah Technology Sdn. Bhd., Common Tower Technologies Sdn. Bhd., Angkatan Hebat Sdn. Bhd., as well as WHS Sterilization Sdn. Bhd. She was also a member of the Integrity Unit of QSB. On 1st October 2021, prior to joining JSB, she held the position of Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer of QSB.